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And now here is another Pally Caster build that is also very good, no less than HammerPal: FOTH PALLY – Paladin uses the skill Fist of THE Heaven

I. Introduction:

*Advantage :

  • FOTH is a pure lightning damage skill after being modified. But it is one of Pally's few caster-type skills, helping you avoid having to get close to fight monsters or melee players.
  • In addition, it also creates a significant amount of damage if accompanied by aura Conviction - reducing both the opponent's defense and resist all regardless of immu or not => every FOTH hit gets full lightning damage.

*Weakness :

  • After rework, FOTH's maximum damage is only 1. Only slightly spreads average damage to other monsters.

II. Stat build :

  • Str: Lifting enough to wear clothes is fine.
  • Dex: Just enough to max blocking – 75%. Remember the calculation formula: Total Blocking = (Blocking * (Dexterity – 15)) / (char Level * 2).
  • Vit: Put all the remaining points here.
  • Energy : No.

III. Skill builds :


  • Sacrifice: 1 navigation point
  • Zeal: Specialized product for pac fanatics, but for FOH Pally it's only 1 point
  • Holy Bolt: 1 of 2 resonance skills for FOH. You probably already know its uses. Max 20 points for it
  • Smite: 1 point
  • Charge: 1 point note
  • Vengeance: 1 point leads to FOH. It's been a long time
  • Blessed Hammer: 1 point leads to Holy Shield
  • Conversion : 1 point to continue
  • Fist of Heaven: Max 20 points
  • Holy Shield: max 20 points for it. Always a necessary skill for all types of Pally


Because we don't need to use much Aura in this skill table, I'll keep it short. We just need:

  • Pray
  • Cleansing
  • Defiance
  • Vigor
  • Meditation
  • Redemption

All of the above skills only require 1 point to use. Also to add, I included Meditation because it helps you restore mana very quickly, but FOH requires a lot of mana. Besides, Redemption helps you a lot in recovering health and mana when there are monster corpses


  • Might : 1 point
  • Holy Fire: 1 point leads to Holy Freeze
  • Holy Freeze : 1 point leads to Holy Shock
  • Holy Shock: The second resonance skill for FOH. So what are you waiting for without maxing it out at 20?
  • Thorn: 1 guidance point.
  • Sanctuary: 1 point leads to Conviction.
  • Conviction: always an aura used with Vengeance (Avenger) and FOH (FOH Pally). However, the max resist all that it subtracts is only up to 150%. That's why there's no need to max it, just 7-8 points is enough
Instructions for finding items quickly:
For Upgrade Items based on the link provided above, you can use the combination Ctrl + F to quickly search for the item you need. For Runeword, you should search on Google quickly. (Example: Enigma Runeword diablo 2).

* Note: for reference only because most of the items are exceptional unique items and runewords

Regarding Items, I will divide it into 2 types of Build: 1 is the first stage to play LoD. 2 is the Upgrade Item phase.

Here is the LoD stage: Complete starting set of items:

  • Hat: Vampire Gaze or Halerquin Crest or hat + all skills
  • Armor: Chains of Honor runewords are the best choice with 65 resist all, +2 to all skills on Archon Plate or Mage Plate armor
  • Weapon 1: there are 3 choices for you here:
  • _Wizardspike: This Unique knife is really worth it with 75 resist all, quick mana recovery, increased Faster Cast Rate and a lot of bonus mana. In addition, it is also very easy to find.
  • _Heart of the Oak runewords: with +3 to all skill, 30-40 resist all and high Faster Cast Rate
  • _The Redeemer: with +2 to Pal skill, 4 each for Holy Bolt and Redemption skills
  • Shield 1: You can refer to the shield section for Smiter. Actually, Herald of Zakarum or Exile runewords are the best, but because they are quite hard to find, I give you another choice: Stormshield.
  • Weapon 2: Should use Call to Arms runewords (Amn+Ral+Mal+Ist+Ohm) on the Crystal Sword. It gives you Barb's Battle Order, Battle Command and Battle Cry skills. Cast BO and BC before sweeping
  • Shield 2: Splendor runewords (Eth+Lum) or Spirit runewords (Tal+Thul+Ort+Amn). I put them here because these 2 RWs have + to all skills, making Battle Order and Battle Command stronger when cast.
  • Belt: Arachnid Mesh, both + all skills and has high Faster Cast Rate
  • Gloves: Magefist. Mana recovery, high FCH and very easy to find
  • Shoes: War Traveler or Sandstorm Trek. Both increase % faster run/walk , + add to all attributes
  • Rings: 2 Stone of Jordan or 1 Stone of Jordan and 1 Raven's Frost. One side is + to all skill , the other side is cannot be frozen , :–
  • Necklace: Mara's Kaleidoscope. Well, with +2 to all skills, high resist all, + many attributes, it's really worth it. But that's why it's quite hard to find, so you can replace = 1 amulet + some skill or + resist all.

We start with the Upgrade phase first:

  • Armor: "Enigma” Runeword with Teleport or “Diablo Soul Upgrade” Socket Jewel Teleport.
  • Weapon 1: “The Reedeemer Upgrade” suits Fothpal. Or choose better Item.
  • Weapon 2: “Call to arms” Runeword Amn + Ral + Mal + Ist + Ohm with Skills Battle Orders Helps increase blood for us and you, very necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Shield 1: “Dragonscale Upgrade” Or choose a better Item.
  • Shield 2: “Spirit” runeword Tal + Thul + Ort + Amn on Mornach's shield.
  • Hat: "Griffon's Eye Upgrade” Helmets reserved for Druids.
  • Belt: “Thudergod's Vigor Upgrade” Or choose a better Item.
  • Glove: "Goreshovel Upgrade” Or choose a better Item.
  • Boots: “Zeus's Boot Upgrade" or "Marrowwalk Upgrade“: to make my Summon stronger.
  • Amulet: “Viper Eye Upgrade or Vaxo Instruct Upgrade” Or choose a better item.
  • Ring: “Constricting Upgrade and Sadness Upgrade” Or choose a better item.
  • Charm – Talisman: Hellfire Tourch Large Charm, Anihilus Small Charm and 1+Elemental Skills Grand Charm can fill the chest (Reward Charm Map will drop in Mod Maps - Require you to hunt Boss to own it).

BECAUSE. Reference Video:

This article is for reference only for newbies...

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