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For most people of the early 8x or 9x generations, the image of a computer with a convex screen is very familiar with games like Empire, CS 1.1.. or the classic role-playing game Diablo 2. Up to now, the game Diablo 2 has been over 20 years old, but when playing it again, it still brings many extremely special emotions with gameplay that is not boring for everyone. If you want to relive a little bit of your childhood, download Diablo 2!

Diablo 2 Tyrael's Might players can now choose the language for the InGame version:

  • English (game default)
  • Vietnamese (translation from GVN)
  • Korean (in progress)
  • Thai
  • Chinese


Next, before pressing play game, you can select the language here:

Then press play and the system will automatically switch to the desired language mode.

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