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Instructions for implementing Uber Quest

Uber Quest is a hidden quest. For those of you who play this version, you probably already know this quest. I made this article to introduce it to those who don't know, and for those of you who play other versions to know. Here are the instructions for doing the quest.


  1. This quest can only be done when you have reached Hell
  2. Steps to perform the quest. Must have all 9 keys:
    • 3 Key of: Hate
    • 3 Key Destruction
    • 3 Key Terror.

Start Quest:

3 Key Types:

You can earn these 3 keys in The Countess (ACT I), The Summoner (ACT II) and Nihlathlak (ACT V).

  • Attention Each monster only drops one type of key, so you have to fight all 3 of them to have enough keys to do the quest. And the drop rate for these is only 10%, so don't be surprised if you kill them. but it doesn't give me the key (I have to fight nearly a dozen matches to get the key)

Pair Keys

  • After you have all 3 keys, go to ACT V, put them in the cube and re-enter

  • After entering, a red door will appear, taking you into another land (one of 3 different doors will be randomly opened when you enter 3 keys, in total you have to enter 3 times each time). 3 different keys).
  • You should open it 3 times in 1 room to avoid repeating maps.

Hunt for Uber boss

  • Your mission in each place is to search for the Uber boss there. After killing a boss, you will get 1 of 3 items to continue the mission. It sounds confusing, here is the picture ^^

  • Those are the 3 items that you will have to get if you want to continue this quest. Please pay attention, every time you enter 3 keys, a door will appear. If you want to kill the next boss, you must enter again. 3 more keys to open the door to another place, in other words there must be a total of 9 keys of 3 types


  • After getting 3 items as shown in the picture, you in ACT V bring those items into the cube and merge them together. After entering, there will be a door to Tristram.

  • Entering Tristram, you will have to confront real hell, with the appearance of the 3 strongest bosses: Uber diablo, Uber mephisto, Uber baal.

  • There was also Uber Baal, but at that time he was playing by splitting into two, I almost beat him to death, I didn't have time to take pictures anymore.
  • If you kill 3 of them, you will complete the Uber Quest. Congratulations
    • So you will ask, is there any benefit in doing this long and difficult Quest?
    • I would like to answer you, this Quest is really difficult, but very worth doing, both to prove your Char power and to earn the strongest charm in this LOD Hellfire Torch.


  • Allow me to talk a little more about Standard Of Heroes.
  • This item will drop along with the charm when you complete the quest.
  • It is proof that you have passed Uber Quest, an extremely difficult quest.
  • However, besides that function, this item does not have any other effects.

VIDEO instructions for going on the Uber quest

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