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Farm Beach


  1. To open it Cow in 3 modes Normal – Nightmare – Hell, You must complete 3 modes Normal – Nightmare – Hell with the corresponding minimum level of 20 – 40 – 60 in each mode.
    • For example: Leave open Cow Normal you need to achieve level 20 and defeat the final boss ATC 5 Normal to complete the mode Thường, step over Nightmare. Then you create room thường and can be opened Cow Normal
  2. Complete Quest 3 – ATC 1. In position 5 stone pillars (Marble) There will be a red gate leading to the place Deckard Cain (Sun Wukong) Being detained by Tathagata is called Tristram.
    • Your mission now is to remove the talisman and rescue Cain.
    • Next you will run to the bottom left corner Mini map There will be a long-decomposed corpse whose origin is unknown (Surely Tathagata chose the wrong place to hold people), when you click on a corpse, an item will be dropped Wirt's Leg (Randomly 1 - 3 holes can be inlaid with whatever you want). Of course, this is an important ingredient you need to bring
  3. The second ingredient is Tome of Town Portal buy at NPC Akara – ATC 1
  4. The third ingredient is Horadric Cube collected when you open Chest at map Hallls of the Dead level 3 – ATC 2
  5. Discard ingredients Wirt's Leg and Tome of Town Portal enter Cube. Then click the button Transmute and satisfy The first 2 conditions, you will open the portal to the map Cow – World of Gaur In legendary. This is an easy map to farm for Newbie in the early stages if playing Necr Summoner


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