Changelog update 8.7.7 #2

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Changelog update 8.7.7 #2
General information

– Orb Upgrade Unique

Option Orb Change: All Resistant in the table will now be All Resistant.
Unique Upgrade Orb Level 2 > From random class skill to All Skill.
Unique Upgrade Orb Level 4 > From random class skill to All Skill.

– Update Shop D2VN

Accounts that have purchased Cooper Quartz to roll orb will receive a refund of 50% FGOLD from the beginning of the server until today. (The refund amount will be calculated by the amount you have previously purchased - Only applicable to those who purchased Orb before June 13, 2024)


Changelog update 8.7.7

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[Changelog 8.7.7]

Revised Druid's skills
– Fissure: (Applies to PvM PvP) – Increases original Fire Damage Skills by 15%
– Volcano: (Applies to PvM PvP) – Increases original Fire Damage Skills by 15%
– Moulten Bouder: (Applies to PvM PvP) – Increases original Fire Damage Skills by 15%

Revised NECROMANCER's skills
– Summon Nec receives additional damage from players. For example: some -resist ops, or damage ops.
– Summon when dealing damage will bypass Immu Res from Monsters and Bosses.

Upgrade Wrath of the lich king supplement
– Open ExQuest: Wrath of the Lich King at 10PM tonight (June 8, 2024)
– Convert D2TI Charm to Lich King's Sword Charm


Wrath of the Lich King

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Following the events of Pandemonium I and II. This time, everything started to become much more difficult, the monsters became more aggressive and stronger, the map became more ambiguous and difficult to locate, and the undiscovered mysteries were terrifying people. great heroes. The peaceful time did not last long when Sanctuary continued to be threatened, the potential threat came from none other than Arthas - The Lich King.


PvP Chaos War event

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[Chaos PvP Event]
Event Rules:
⭐ Event time: Tuesday evening - Thursday - Saturday every week.
⭐ Scope of participation: all members of D2VN students
⭐ Number of participating players: 24 people
⭐ Start time: 21:00 – 21:30 PM (GMT+7)
⭐ Room: Event PvP – Pass: None
⭐ Rules: Free play – free rules – everyone plays individually
⭐ Map PvA: ARENA
🥇 TOP 1: x2 Fragment Random, 1 Ohm Rune
🥈 TOP 2: 1 Gul Rune
🥉 TOP 3 – 10: 1 Ist Rune


Changelog update 8.7.6

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[Server maintenance]

– Time: 14:30 (May 30, 2024)
– Maintenance time: 5 – 15 minutes

Maintenance content

Reworked Druid character skills:
– Skill Tornado: Change Damage from Physical => Cold.
– Moulten Bouder: Increase speed when using Skills. Reduced Delay Skills.
– Volcano: Reduced Delay Skills.
– Fissure: Reduced Delay Skills.
– Summon Druid: Cast Full Summon – (Applies to PvM).
– Armageddon: Increase Skill duration (Applies to PvM).
– Hurican: Increases the duration of Skills (Applies to PvM).
– Fury: Increases Skill's hit speed (Hit Frame).

Box Salvation: Can open more Souls when opening the box.


Announcing the Salvation Tower S21 awards

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Announcement of eligible list to receive Event gifts:
1. Nguyen Gau
Account: Huyenmy218
Character: MySoi

2. Tien Pham
Account: Tienpham1107
Character: danchoiNB

3. Tran Minh Hoa
Account: NTEC
Character: MinhTriDaiGia

4. Nguyen Ngoc
Account: havy9
Character: NGiahung

5. Pham Phuong Duy
Account: ddd9
Character: Velajuel

6. Le The Anh
Account: khuanh150594
Character: Javvip

7. Tu Tran
Account: Tuvoi4
Character: Xoai

8. Game Relax
Account: anzuvia04
Character: barbuffbb
Gifts have been distributed at the market, everyone go to the market to pick them up!! Thank you for participating in the Event