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Event News
Event Rules:
  • Time takes place: Tuesday evening - Thursday - Saturday every week.
  • Scope of participation: all members of D2VN students
  • Number of players participating: 20 people
  • Start time: 21:00 – 21:30 PM
  • Room: PVA – Pass: Event PvP – Pass: None
  • Rules: Free play – free rules – everyone plays
  • Map PvA: ARENA
Instructions for entering the PVP map:
  1. Enter the room and press P -> right corner Hostile ALL (PK ALL) to turn on PK
  2. Type (#inarena 1) to enter, type (#inarena 0) to exit.
  3. Pvp rewards will be given after the end of PvP
  4. After the PVP ends, please try to stay a little longer. BTC will award prizes via 2 channels: zalo or discord. Anyone who does not receive the prize will lose their benefits.
Scoring format:
  1. Scoring is based on the leader of the table in order from top to bottom.
  2. Rewards will be given immediately after PvP is completed.
  3. Scores will be stored and uploaded to the Leaderboard (Can be viewed on the website).
  4. PvP top ranking rewards will be awarded regularly every Saturday evening.
  5. Reward for being at the top of PvP Leaderboard: 2000 Soul + x2 Fragment Random + Charm Top PvP 100 Hour: Beautiful and eye-catching animation. (Starting from next week)
  • 🥇 TOP 1: x2 Fragment Random, 1 Ohm Rune
  • 🥈 TOP 2: 1 Gul Rune
  • 🥉 TOP 3 – 10: 1 Ist Rune

Thanks Everyone

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