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The Pandemonium Special Event Quest III


Salvation is an expansion of D2VN to give players a breath of fresh air once they have conquered all the old maps of Diablo2, of course still following the original plot direction of the game's storyline.

How to enter Salvation




Join Salvation Tower

In ACT1 Hell, Press Q (Quest) to open Quest Board then press Extra Quest like ImageIn ACT1 HELL, press Q(Quest) and open the Quest panel, then press the Extra Quest button

Pick your map and mode, then click Red Portal

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Salvation Tower summary and plot

  • As far as we know, humanity was saved by Tyrael's vote in the condemnation from the High Heavens. Peace has been restored, but the plot of Fire Diem Ngu has not stopped. On the occasion of the Dark Exile, the Three Great Demons Baal, Mephisto, and Diablo came to the Sacred Domain. However, this plot was stopped by the Archangel of Justice - Tyrael.
  • The group of heroes defeated Mephisto in the Zakarum catacombs, but Diablo had now arrived at Pandemonium fortress to use it as a springboard to attack the Upper Heavenly World. However, Diablo did not have time to do that when the group of heroes finally chased him to the spot and finally destroyed him in Hell. The Soulstone fragment containing Mephisto's soul was also destroyed by the hero in Hell's Forge to prevent him from returning. As for Baal, after being freed, he went to the top of Arreat, where Inarius placed the World Stone and assigned it to the Barbarians to guard. Baal's legions attack Arreat, creating terror throughout the land. Before Baal takes possession of the World Stone, the heroes defeat him. But Baal also seems to have succeeded in tainting the cosmic treasure, and Tyrael has no choice but to destroy the World Stone, creating a terrible commotion throughout the Sacred Realm.
  • At this point it seems like our world of Diablo2 has ended but no, these entities from hell are extremely powerful. Even though the body is dead and the soul is sealed into the soul stones, they can still be revived through creating dark energy around the stones. From there, it takes over the bodies of people who approach the places where they are kept to revive them.
  • Whatever happens happens, the three great evil groups Diablo, Ball, and Mephisto have taken over suitable bodies to prepare for resurrection at Salvation. With secret techniques from hell, after being revived they carry a new strength, a full vitality, moreover they have gathered together, ready to tear apart anyone who comes to take them down. Besides, they were able to summon extremely powerful evolved monsters to act as a protective army.
  • Naphlem's group's mission now is to find a way to open the entrance to Salvation and work together to destroy them again. By returning to the places where they were previously destroyed to find fragments of the stone slab containing the souls of the three great demons, finally using the Horadric cube of the group of magicians that sealed them to open the entrance. Salvation.
    Inside the map are a series of new Monsters and Bosses that are extremely difficult to play to increase the drama of the maps.

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