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General information

Note from MM2:

Drop Map

  • Lich King Sword Charm.
  • Reward Lich King (Normal – Hard – God – Trans).
  • Orb Lich King's Sword Upgrade (Hard God Trans).
  • Jeweler Lich King Sword.
  • Fragments 1 2 3 4 5.
  • Chest Boss Map (5 Boss Chests).

Map Lich King

To get an entrance ticket to MM2 (in folk terms, New Map 2 instead of New Map 2), you must be in ACT1 Hell. There, press the shortcut Q (Quest) to open the quest, then select Extra Quest

How to enter Lich King




After clicking on Extra Quest, the extended maps will appear, select the map you want to play (LichKing - MM2) then click on the red portal box to open the map.


Following the events of Pandemonium I and II. This time, everything started to become much more difficult, the monsters became more aggressive and stronger, the map became more ambiguous and difficult to locate, and the undiscovered mysteries were terrifying people. great heroes. The peaceful time did not last long when Sanctuary continued to be threatened, the potential threat came from none other than Arthas - The Lich King.

Arthas – The Lick King

The Lich King is the master and lord of the Scourge, which he controls through telepathy from the Frozen Throne on Icecrown Glacier.

When Ner'zhul escaped hell, he was immediately imprisoned by Kil'jaeden. The demons want revenge on the Orcs despite the Blood Pact of the past, when Legion and Orcs allied together against Humans. Ner'zhul's soul was kept alive while his body was torn into pieces. Kept alive by Kil'jaeden, Nerzhul decided to once again serve the Legion. Ner'zhul's soul was put into a large crystal placed in the center of Northern, which people often call The Frozen Throne - the icy throne. Here Ner'zhul was given many powers, especially superior spiritual abilities. And the Orc Shaman named Ner'zhul no longer exists, and now there is only an unstoppable force called the Lich King.

After Archimonde's disastrous defeat at Mount Hyjal. The Burning Legion force was almost completely destroyed, with only a few small groups of troops scattered in the Ashenvale forests or the arid Blasted Lands. However, before being destroyed, the demon lord still left a group of three Dreadlords outside Lodaeron's ruined palace to ensure that the kingdom was still under control and also to monitor the treacherous servant. of Ner'zhul (Lich King's true name). However, these Dreadlords did not know their master's fate until a few months later, when Arthas returned and reclaimed his throne. He threatened the Dreadlords, and they immediately disappeared. Along with Sylvanas and Kel'Thuzad, Arthas decided to destroy the last refugees here. A battle broke out between the Undead and the desperate humans, led by three Paladins: Dagren the Orcslayer, Halahk the Lifebringer, and Magroth the Defender.

To continue the series of years of threatening Sanctuary, the Lich King along with his subordinates, God of Fire - Ignus - Isair - Tyreal, continue to cause difficulties for the heroes. To mentally prepare to fight the Lich King, you need to set up Items as well as fighting methods to deal with each oligarch as well as the Lich King Boss on Icecrown Glacier.

Note: This is an unreal event on Blizzard as well as Single Player. This is just an event added by Mod by Server D2VN!!

Map Boss: 5 Maps – 5 Bosses. (Illustration)

Palace Garden: Boss God Of Fire

Dark Ruin: Boss Ignus

Oni Hill: Boss Isair

Way To Heaven => Sky Chamber: Boss Tyreal – Archangel of Justice

Icecrown Glacier – Boss Arthas – The Lich King – Final Map

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