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When playing Diablo, the most important things for a player are: character (char), items, level, stat and skill. However, besides that, there is also a very important factor that contributes significantly to helping us complete the game, which is Hireling, in Vietnamese it is commonly called "hireling". This article will introduce and specifically guide everyone in every detail about Hiring.


Hirelings are NPCs that support us during the game, also have levels, stats and can use some items. Hirelings are very loyal teammates, ready to fight to the death, each character more or less needs 1 Hireling. Hirelings will always follow you, and attack opponents from monsters to players confronting you without needing to give orders. We can observe it on the minimap with a light green X symbol. It is worth noting that each character is only allowed to have 1 hireling, so with a party of 8 people, the maximum will only be 8 hirelings.

Where you can hire hirelings

Act 1 is Kashya, at Rogue Encampment
Act 2 is Greiz, at Lut Gholein
Act 3 is Asheara, at Kurast Docks
Act 5 is Qualkehk, at Harrogath

These are NPCs that when you talk to them, you can hire Hiring. In Act4, there are no private hirelings, however, if your hireling dies, you can talk to the angel Tyrael to revive them.

Information about Hiring:

  • Each hireling has its own form, such as Rogue Act1 can be Cold arrow or Fire arrow, in Act2 there are types such as Offensive, Defensive, Combat with their own characteristics, etc. You can see the basic information about hireling at the hireling rental place.
  • The parameters shown are: Level, Damage, Special skill and HP (health).
  • Every time you hire a hireling, you will incur a cost, these costs gradually increase according to the level of the hireling you hire.
  • Every time you level up, the hireling at the rental place will also change parameters according to you, like when you level 5, at the rental place there will be hireling levels from 3 to 5, but when you level 30 for example, then at Where to rent, Rentals will have levels from 27-30.
  • You will only be able to start hiring when you complete quest 2 of act 1 or reach level 9.
  • In act 5, you can only hire hirelings when you complete quest 2 of Qual Kehk.
  • You can turn on and off the Hireling icon on the screen with the Z key.
  • Hireling has limited HP but has an endless source of mana.
  • Hirelings can receive buffs from Bar's Warcry, Pal's aura, Sorceress's Enchant, etc.

Stats, levels and resistance parameters:

  • Each hireling will have its own stat, depending on the type of hireling you use. You cannot increase this stat for hireling, every time it goes up a level, it will increase its own stat.
  • As mentioned, hirelings will only act according to their own will, not according to your orders, meaning you cannot order which monsters or opponents they will attack, and besides that you cannot control them. You can control what skills it uses, all of its actions will not be under any influence from us.
  • Hiring also has levels. The maximum level of a hireling is 98 and the minimum level is 3. When a hireling is hired, its level is equal to its char, it will automatically not receive more experience to level up, only when we reach the next level. , 1 level higher than it, then it will continue to receive exp again. In addition, the hireling's level will usually be lower or equal to the character's, unless you hire a hireling that is at a higher level than you, and in that case, it will also wait until you are 1 level higher than it. , it just started to continue receiving exp.
  • When hireling reaches 1 level, it will have the message "I feel much stronger now", at the same time the hireling's % to hit will be increased, stat, resistance will be increased and health will be completely restored.
  • Regarding receiving experience points, hireling is like 1 char, it will receive experience points from the monster it kills. Besides, it will also receive experience from the monsters that my char kills. At the same time, it also receives exp from killing minion monsters, such as Nec's Skeleton, Wof, and Druid's Bear.
  • One thing to note is that, in a party, your main character will receive experience points from killing monsters of other characters in the group, but the hirelings will not.
  • Like char, hirelings will also have a resistance index, and the max will still be 75. Hirelings will also be affected by Nightmare and Hell, their stats will automatically decrease. But unlike char, it doesn't need items to increase resistance, each level will have its own resistance level, you don't need to care much about this.

Some other things to know

    • Hireling also has its own damage, added to the item. The damage calculation will be:
      • hireling min = [(weapon min)*(str+100)/100]+base min
      • hireling max = [(weapon max)*(str+100)/100]+base max
    • Additional damage from items such as Fire, cold, lightning, poison will also be included. +damage items according to % will not increase the original damage but increase the damage from the item it brings similar to char, for example if the item's damage is 300, then when there is line 50% enhance damage, the item's damage will increase to 450 , is calculated directly by the damage the item brings. The important thing is that with % enhance damage, if it is an attribute of armor and helm, then when not using a weapon, it will not be effective, because +% damage is only effective on the weapon it is using and not Works on hireling's base damage.
    • The damage of Hireling and the boss is also very different. For Bosses in Normal there will only be 50%, in Nightmare it will be 35% and in Hell it will be 25%. At the same time, hireling will receive X10 damage from end-of-screen bosses like Mephisto, Andariel, etc.
    • Our Hirelings can also die, they are not immortal. Hirelings can die from monster kills.
    • Unlike char, when char is poisoned, its HP will return to 1 and then stop. As for hireling, it can die from poison, so you should pay attention to this.
    • Because we are very loyal to our master, when our char dies, it will also die.
    • The Hireling will always follow you, and you cannot arbitrarily kill it no matter how much you hate it. You can do this by leaving it alone to fight monsters, or letting it be killed by an opponent or other hostile character.
    • Every time your hireling dies, you can revive it by talking to the hireling NPC. You do not need to go to the exact Act, normal level, nightmare or hell that you hired it, you can revive it at any hireling NPC at any Act, any level. In act4, hirelings cannot be hired, but they can be revived from NPC Tyrael.
    • When your hireling dies, you can consider hiring another hireling. But besides that, you should also consider this carefully, because when you agree to replace another hireling, all the items it is carrying will also be lost, you need to really pay attention to this. Therefore, it is best to always revive the hireling, take out all its items, and then consider hiring another hireling.
    • Like char, hireling has the ability to regenerate, without needing an item. You can also regenerate it from Paladin's aura, from wells, from items or from NPCs that can restore HP and MP.
    • Every time a hireling dies, you should revive it immediately, because you can forget about it, leading to a level difference due to not using it for a long time.
    • To revive hireling, you need to spend some money. The amount of money you spend depends on the level of the hireling at death. Maximum money you spend will be 50000 gold.




  • Cold arrow, Fire arrow, Inner sight
  • Cold arrow UP+ , Fire arrow UP+


  • Bow, Helm, Armor
  • Rogue is a type of hireling that attacks from afar, using a Bow as a weapon. You can hire this hireling at Act1, after completing quest 2 of Act 1 or reaching level 9.
  • Rogue can use the skill Fire arrow/ Innersight or Cold arrow/ Innersight, depending on the type when you hire it.
  • Rogue's characteristics are high damage, good attack rating but low defense and low health compared to other hirelings.
  • Regarding items, Rogue uses bows but cannot use unique Amazon bows and Amazon only items.


  • Helm: Vampire's gaze, Giant Skull.
  • Armor: Duress runeword (Shael + Um + Thul), Fortitude runeword (El + Sol + Dol + Lo) on Mage Plate or Archon Plate, with very good options, very good support for hireling.
  • Weapon: Regarding bows, the following runewords can be used on the Hydra Bow tree
    • Faith runeword (Ohm+Jah+Lem+Eld) with Fantacism aura, greatly increases damage and attack rating, providing very good support in real combat.
    • Edge runeword (Tir+Tal+Amn) has Thorn aura, has the ability to resist physical damage caused to char, hireling and minions, and has quite high + damage options.
    • Ice runeword (Amn+Shael+Jah+Lo), aura Holy Freeze, +20% Increased Attack Speed, -40-210%, Enhanced Damage, Ignore Target's Defense, +25-30% To Cold Skill Damage, -20% To Enemy Cold Resistance.



  • Jab


  • Combat (Normal): Prayer
  • Combat (Nightmare): Thorns
  • Combat (Hell): Prayer
  • Defense (Normal): Defiance
  • Defense (Nightmare): Holy Freeze
  • Defense (Hell): Defiance
  • Offense (Normal): Blessed Aim
  • Offense (Nightmare): Might
  • Offense (Hell): Blessed Aim
  • Desert Mercenaries is the best Hireling among all 4 Hireling types.
  • This Hireling has damage, attack rating, and health, although there are no outstanding parameters, but in return, it has extremely powerful support auras.
  • Blessed Aim helps increase attack rating, Defiance helps increase defense, Prayer restores health, Holy Freeze freezes and slows the enemy, Thorn has the effect of reflecting physical damage caused to yourself and Might increases damage by a small amount.
  • Regarding items, Mer can use in addition to Helm and armor as normal, Mer can use a variety of weapons such as Spear, Polearm, and even Javelin.
  • You can hire them from NPC Greiz in Lut Gholein, Act 2.


  • Helm: Vampire's gaze, Giant skull, Dream runeword (Io+Jah+Pul) on Bone Visage.
  • Armor: Like Rogue, use Duress and Fortitude runeword, and can also use Bramble runeword (Ral+Ohm+Sur+Eth) with Thorn aura.
  • Weapon: If using a runeword, cast it on Thresher or Great Poleaxe, etc
    • The Reaper's Toll Thresher, unique Thresher item, with extremely high damage, and also an invaluable ability 33% cast curse Decrepify, helping to remove the monster's immune to physical.
    • Breath of the dying runeword (Vex+Hel+El+Eld+Zod+Eth), the highest +damage runeword of all runewords, is the number 1 choice for Mer.
    • Destruction runeword (Vex+Lo+Ber+Jah+Ko) 23% Chance To Cast Level 12 Volcano On Striking, 5% Chance To Cast Level 23 Molten Boulder On Striking, 100% Chance To Cast level 45 Meteor When You Die, 15% Chance To Cast Level 22 Nova On Attack, high +damage, this is not a bad choice.
    • Infinity runeword (Ber+Mal+Ber+Ist) with level 12 conviction aura, extremely good aura for casters like Druid, Sor.
    • Obedient runeword (Hel+Ko+Thul+Eth+Fal) on Polearm, the damage is also quite high and the require level is low, quite good in the early stages.
    • Pride runeword (Cham + Sur + Io + Lo) gives Concentration aura, increasing damage similar to Faith runeword's Fantacism.
    • Doom runeword (Hel+Ohm+Um+Lo+Cham) gives Holy Freeze aura, and a bunch of damage + bonus, this is the best choice for all melee char types.



  • Charge bolt/ Lightning/ Lightning UP+
  • Glacial Spike/ Ice Blast / Frozen Armor / Ice Blast UP+
  • Inferno / Fire Ball / Inferno UP+


  • Armor, Helm, Shield and Sword.
  • Iron wolves are a form of hireling that uses elemental spells such as lightning, ice and Fire. Depending on your hireling form, it will cast a separate set of skills.
  • Even though they are casters, they are quite useless when encountering immune monsters because they only have 1 skill set, and their actual combat ability is also the worst of the 4 types.
  • You can hire them from NPC Asheara in Kurast Docks, Act 3.


  • Helm: As a caster, iron wolves will need helms like Harlequin Crest, Andariel's Visage, or other unique, rare helms with ster cast rate.
  • Armor: Chain of honor runeword (Dol+Um+Ber+Ist) or Enigma runeword (Jah+Ith+Ber) onto the Archon Plate.
  • Weapon: Use Spirit runeword (Tal+Thul+Ort+Amn) on both Shield and Weapon, + add to Iron Wolves' meager vitality and add % faster cast rate.



  • Bash, Stun, Bash Nova


  • Armor, Helm, Barbarian helm only,
  • one-handed sword, two-handed sword.
  • Barbarian is hireling in Act 5.
  • Barbarian is a Hireling type with high damage, a lot of health and good defense, the best combat and sweeping ability of all.
  • In particular, this Hireling can use the Barbarian-typed helm only. However, they cannot use 2 weapons like Bar, and do not have separate skills like the other 3 types.
  • You can hire them from NPC Qual Kehk in Act 5 after completing Quest 2 of the Act from him.


  • Helm: Vampire's Gaze, Demon horn's crest and Halaberd's Reign.
  • Armor: Mer Reference.
  • Weapon: Use runeword to press on the Colossus Blade
    • Azure Wrath Phase Blade, Doom Bringer and The Grandfather Colossus Blade, here are 3 unique sowrd bars with damage, the option is the best type, you can use any tree, as you like.
    • Death runeword (Hel+El+Vex+Ort+Gul), Destruction runeword (Vex+Lo+Ber+Jah+Ko), Breath of the dying runeword (Vex+Hel+El+Eld+Zod+Eth), Grief runeword (Eth+Tir+Lo+Mal+Ral) are the runeword items with the best +damage options, you can choose whichever one to use.
    • For additional aura support, you can use runeword Last wish runeword (Jah+Mal+Jah+Sur+Jah+Ber) with aura might, not a bad choice.

Regarding the above items, if you can't find them, you can use rare items, set items with high damage, high defense, and good support for our hireling. You can all use them.


  • As a caster, use hireling like Mer, Barbarian, which has good sweeping ability, keeping you safe from a large number of monsters.
  • For characters that use minions, Mer with her good department support auras and the ability to use Polearm runewords that carry many other auras is the best choice.
  • For melee attackers, use hireling Mer, Rogue, Barbarian for good support in all aspects, Bar helps stun, bash, Mer has aura support, Rogue with Inner sight reduces enemy damage.
  • Rangers and trapper like Assassin, Amazon, use mer, Barbarian to tank with monsters, making combat better.

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