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Magic Finding


  • arealvl: The higher the level of a certain area, the higher the arealevel will be. Mobs in this area have the lowest level equal to the arealevel.
  • alvl:affix level. That means the prefixes and suffixes of a lvl item will determine which option lines that item has.
  • clvl: character's level. This is only important when gambling
  • ilvl: level of the item itself. Each item has its own level and can be determined by looking at the level of the mob that drops this item (use c3po to see).
  • mlvl: level of mob. mlvl will be used to determine whether it will drop items with high or low ilvl. mlvl is always greater than or equal to a lvl. Mobs champion, ghostly, ... have mlvl = a lvl + 2. Random super unique and accompanying minions have mlvl = alvl + 3. Bosses and super unique will have their own mlvl.
  • qlvl: quality level of item. qlvl is used to determine what prefixes and suffixes this item can have.

Magic Finding

MF is your chance to find items. Your MF will increase when you carry an item with the line “Better Chance of Getting Magic Item”.

If the MF is high, the rate will drop magic + set + unique also tall. The following is the formula to calculate MF:

  • Uniques = MF * 250 / (MF+250)
  • Sets = MF * 500 / (MF+500)
  • Rares = MF * 600 / (MF+600)
  • Magic = MF

This means that when you are wearing clothes with a total MF of 100%, your chance of picking up unique items will increase by 100*250/(100+250) ~ 71%. Sets increase to 83.3% and rare increases to 85.7%.

In addition, the number of players in the room also affects mf. If you type player8 offline, you will get the highest rate but the monster will also be stronger. Every time you fight a monster, the game will determine whether it will drop anything for you. The more players, the higher the likelihood that the mob will drop items. Note that this only affects quantity, does not affect item quality, but runes are different

When you kill a monster, the game will determine whether it will drop an item or not. If you have one, the machine will see what item it is, what type, and whether it is suitable for it mlvl or not, add your mf to see if it's unique or set or rare or magic, white.

Dropped items will have about 5% with the Ethereal line, increasing 50% enhanced damage if the item is a weapon or 50% enhanced defense if the item is armor, helm,... etc. Items with the line "Indestructible" are not damaged, their durability will not drop, some items always have this, others like the shadow killer have both eth and ind, double the damage without being damaged.

***About Summon & MF Hiring, will stack with your MF and hireling for disciples and your MF for Summon.

MF diagram in scale from MF 1 > 1000%

The Pit

Pits are areas with areavl = 85. The monsters + inventory here have minimum levelvl = 85.

  • Act 1: The mausoleum (right at quest 2).
  • Act 1: Pits (cave in tamoe highland).
  • Act 2: Ancient Tunnel (found in Lost City).
  • Act 4: River of Flame and Chaos Sanctuary.
  • Act 5: From World Stone Keep onwards.

As you can see, perhaps the first 3 areas are the easiest to run mf because the mobs in A1 and A2 are weaker than the other pits.

  • Andariel (Nightmare and Hell): the best one to run Stone of Jordan (Nightmare). In Hell, this is the highest drop drop.
  • Council (Hell): Over 3 unique monsters, easy to attack, runs fast, drops runes quite well.
  • Mephisto (Hell): This is the easiest boss to kill, not too strong, low health, moreover you can use magic tricks to trap this boss, details will be discussed later.
  • Pindleskin (Hell): This one is quite pleasant, slow, and easy to kill. 1 battery runs only takes 20-30 seconds. You can make more than 100 batteries run in 1 hour. This one is located in nik temple, workplace Q4, note that to be able to run this one, you MUST NOT DO Q4 because after finishing it or getting the wp, the red portal will be lost—>run no more
  • Baal (Nightmare and Hell): Of course, he has the best drop rate in the game, but it takes quite a long time to encounter this one, nearly 6 minutes at a time.
  • Countess: drops runes very well and if you have high MF then countess will also drop some valuable items. Below is a small table about the ability to drop runes when running countess:
    • Lo – 0.000312%
    • Ohm – 0.000468%
    • Vex – 0.000546%
    • Gul – 0.000819%
    • Ist – 0.074436%
    • Mal – 0.111654%
    • Um – 0.130038%
    • Pul – 0.195056%
  • Chaos sanc is also a pit but probably only hammer din can run because this group is quite strong, hits all kinds of elements, and has curses, especially iron maiden and amp dame.

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