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Overview of runes

Runes are a special type of item in Diablo II. It is similar to gem and jewel, but the difference is that it is possible to create an item with many special features by choosing the right rune and using the right item. Another thing to note is that the ability to drop runes is not affected by the char's MF. It just depends on the mob's mlvl. As follows:

mlvlRunes can drop

The numbers in parentheses apply to melee fighting mobs. This means that melee mobs have mlvl 75 to be able to drop Ber runes. The more players in a game, the higher the chance of dropping runes. When you hunt runes, always remember one thing: kill as many high level mobs as possible. All high level mobs are worth the same and if you kill them all, the chance of dropping runes will be higher. The next section is rune hunting strategies.

The Countess

A little introduction about Countess. Countess has mlvl 82 and TC 66. TC 66 allows countess to drop maximum Lo runes and other cute items like thunderstroke, ormus robe, mara,... etc. In addition, countess also has the ability to drop special runes, allowing drops up to Ist runes. When Countess dies, the game will first check to see how many items the countess dropped (maximum is 5, and this is called "no drop check").

If the countess drops all 5 items, the game will stop checking and means the special rune check of the countess will be ignored. If the countess drops less than 5 items, the special rune check will be "noted" but no more than 3 runes maximum. If you still don't understand, I will explain further as follows: when the countess dies, the first no drop check will begin. If the no drop check fails, it means the countess drops an item like other mobs. If no drop check succeeds, the special rune check comes into play. Then continue with the second no drop check and this happens 5 times to countess drop giving you 5 items. Maximum 3 special rune checks. The ability to “no drop” for a solo game is about 26%. When you play with multiple people, this possibility is reduced, so it is very possible that the special rune check will not be checked. Therefore: When you intend to run countess, it is best to solo.

Next is about the types of countess runes that can be dropped. This is divided into 2 types: regular (the "no drop check" above) and special (this is Countess's own ability to drop runes). I only mentioned Hell level because Nightmare and Normal are not worth our attention. At this level, the highest Countess drop rune is Lo for regular and Ist for special. The table below shows all the runes that can be dropped from Countess:

  • Lo – 0.000312%
  • Ohm – 0.000468%
  • Vex – 0.000546%
  • Gul – 0.000819%
  • Ist – 0.074436%
  • Mal – 0.111654%
  • Um – 0.130038%
  • Pul – 0.195056%
  • Lem – 0.259175%
  • Fal – 0.388763%
  • Ko – 0.514776%
  • Lum – 0.772164%
  • Io – 1.015448%
  • Hel – 1.523172%
  • Dol – 1.976007%
  • Shael – 2.964010%
  • Sol – 3.744013%
  • Amn – 5.616020%
  • Thul – 6.126567%
  • Ort – 9.189850%
  • Ral – 8.752238%
  • Tal – 13.128357%
  • Ith – 10.502686%
  • Eth – 15.754029%
  • Nef – 15.003837%
  • Tir – 22.505755%
  • Eld – 27.006907%
  • El – 40.510360%

As mentioned above, Lo rune belongs to regular drops, so when you play a crowded game, the chance of dropping will be higher. Specifically, the ability to drop Lo rune in an 8-player game is 0.00056%. Because of this, when you want to find Lo rune, playing a crowded game has a higher chance of success. However, the larger the crowd, the lower the chance of dropping runes from special rune checks. If you think you're lucky, play an 8-player game to run Countess. If you follow the school of "eat well, wear well" then solo is best. Personally, I still support solo because the chance of cubing from Ist to Lo is only 1/16
P/S: The above parameters are from LoD Original, with D2VN there may be some changes, but I think not much

The best char runs:

  • Hammerdin: chaos sanc: mobs there are immune to all 4 elements, and have iron maiden and lower rs
  • BlizSor: Mep, ancient turnel, can run andariel but it takes a long time and is dangerous
  • FireSor: Mep, Andariel (extremely fast), andariel rs fire -50, extremely ideal for firesor
  • LightSor: Pin, Shrek, Edrick, super uniques, frozen minions, weak health (if you have infi, you can still run chaos sanc well)
  • Winddruid: from spider forest to lower kuzard, mobs here are very crowded but have little health, perfect for wind

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