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Game System

Right below the Raise Stats button we will see a Feature Menu box

Immediately after opening, there will be a Menu panel full of each feature

Tab General

  • Monster Life Bar: Displays the Monster's health bar.
  • Monster Name : Displays the Monster's Name
  • Monster HP: Displays the Monster's HP
  • Players Life Bar: Displays the Player's health bar
  • Players Name: Displays the Player's name
  • Buff/Debuff: Displays Active Buff on the Player
  • Draw Player: Turn off the display of Player's equipment
  • Draw State Me: Turn off the display of State on the Player's body
  • Draw State Player: Turn off displaying State on other players
  • Full Screen: Full screen mode
  • Lock Mouse: Locks the mouse within the Game Range
  • Hide Announcement: Hide Notifications
  • CPU/FPS Fix: Reserved for weak devices, so turn it on to optimize the game
  • Cache Memory: Use Ram Server for storage (Priority for weak machines)
  • Auto Pick Gold: Automatically pick up gold
  • Increase Frame Drawn: Smoothens the character Frame

Hot Key Settings​

Shortcut key of each function: (for example: Bind key J)

  • Transmute: Used to combine items quickly instead of clicking
  • Gamble Refresh: Reset Gamble (For example, at the Gamble store you will see the Gamble Refresh button already bound as shown. Instead of clicking the mouse, just press the Bind button)
  • Trade Refresh: Reset Trade with other Users (Instead of using the mouse to remove each item, you can click pre-bind Refresh to remove all items, or create a new Trade).
  • View Socket Base: Displays information of Jewel or Rune attached to Items

Hot Keys Teleport

  • Draw Path: Draw path to the Quest
  • Draw Destination: Draw path to Waypoint
  • CP to Cave: Line drawn to the cave – temple….. whatever is the 2nd line in Maps
  • Display Messages : Display messages using Hot Keys Teleport
  • Next Tele: Next destination (Bind any button).
  • Other Tele: Point to Quest in Map (Bind any button).
  • Waypoint Tele: Point to the Map's Waypoint (Bind any button).
  • Prev Tele: Map's backward point – When you need to Teleport back to the previous Map (Bind any button).

Draw Damage Settings

  • Display Damage : Displays Damage.
  • Display Damage Avoid: Displays Missed Damage (Avoid is avoided).
  • Display Damage Fading: Displays hidden Damage.
  • Below the table includes the Damage of all elements to adjust the color for easy distinction

auto : Auto system is integrated into the Game

  • Summon System: When ticked 1, when Summon dies, it will automatically Recast (automatically change Skills and Cast).
  • Buff System: As soon as Char Barbarian's Buffs run out, it will automatically recast.

Map Hack: The function of Tools Hack Map is integrated into the Game

  • Perm Show Life/Mana: Displays health and energy.
  • Show Exp Toggle: Displays the amount of leveling experience you currently have and the next milestone.
  • Show Ping Toggle: Displays the Ping you currently have (Displayed on your Mana Tank)
  • Skip Quest Message: Fast forward the Quest conversation:
  • Socket Protect Toggle: In development
  • Out of town select: Under further development
  • Player Level Toggle: Displays the player Level
  • Player Distance Toggle: Displays the player distance
  • Player HP Percent Toggle: Displays % of player health
  • View Equipment Key: Under further development
  • Monster Level Toggle: Displays Monster Level
  • Monster Resists Toggle: Displays the Monster's Elemental Resistances
  • Monster ID Toggle: Displays the Monster ID
  • Monster Distance Toggle: Displays the distance of the Monster
  • Monster HP Percent Toggle: Displays % Monster HP

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