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Step 1:

  • Choose Server Online to fight!

Step 2:

  • Enter your account and password then press the LOG IN button
  • If you do not have an account, click Create New Account to register.
  • Enter the account you want to log in to and the password

Remember to use the original gmail to activate the Master account

Step 3 :

  • Create a character
  • 2 Select Realm Server

Step 4: In which you need to pay attention to the main items from 1->4

  • 1. Create a new room, enter the room name in game name and click create game to enter the game
  • 2. Join the room
  • 3. Join the chat room
  • 4. View rankings

Wish you have fun playing the game!! Welcome to Server Diablo 2 – Tyrael's Might

So you have finished creating a game account. Here are a few small notes for you guys:

  • The video starts with CHEST ITEM for you guys reference
  • When you don't have any items: Invite your friends to go with you, have a lot of exp and level up quickly when killing monsters, be leisurely but rarely die, save a lot of time. Invite each other to do quests together to get bonus power stats. You get 12 extra skill points, 15 start points, 30 res all, 3 times to socket items and a few runes for 1 char (character) when completing all normal, night, and hell quests.
  1. Think of cow hell right away to find items with sockets that force per toza to increase %MF
  2. Enough items (shirt + hat) socket per toza and we have a decent MF, you can find mephisto hell and ask it for some items, even if you go a few thousand times mephiso hell is still worth it, it is always loved by memes because of its ability Drop items are very cute and easy to fight. (You can fight mephisto alone without losing blood, please ask your friends in the game to show you, this is only a simple, 5 minute thing in the game, it's a long story. .
  3. You can go AT (accident tuner): at wp (waypoint) 4 - lost of city act2 hell: this is area 85 suitable for sorc cold because there is no immu cold, only occasionally there is an immu cold boss, you Ignore it and you're done, or let the merc (disciple) kill it if it's capable. What is Area 85 and how to build merc? I will tell you later.
  • Without saying much, if you read this entire article you will become a Pro (with full clip). Note: I will help you get started with what you need and what you don't have!!! Wishing you a successful start-up!!
  • Farming on maps 85, you just have to work hard, don't be discouraged if you don't have anything from 100 - 200 rooms, there are times when you run 5-600 rooms and get 2-3 delicious dishes, which is completely normal. -> Goal: we will farm to find better equipment to build
  • Then, when we build quite strong chars, we will switch to focusing on farming and who knows, in the process of farming we will have more delicious items to be ready for the next conquering goal which is map SALVATION 1. (Open Extra Quest in Quest – Press the Q button and select the Extra Quest icon near the ? button to view).

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