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Market is a trading channel between players through a currency system FGOLD. Here players can post messages to sell items earned in the game and users can easily buy them through the intermediary and item storage system.

Instructions for participating in MARKET

  1. You can visit this link
  2. You can access it in Launcher > Click on Market (Flea Market)

After logging in to the Flea Market, you will enter the Flea Market's Trading Interface.

Flea Market Interface​

Here members will transact with all players on Server D2VN

Functions available on Flea Market include:​

  • Personal information.
  • Information that Fgold owns.
  • Donate directly.
  • Trading Guide.

Instructions for pushing Items to the Flea Market

  • Select the Item you need, use the combination Ctrl + C to push the Items to the Flea Market

Push Items​

Items have been posted to the Flea Market

Stored Item To The Database​

Valuing Items before Selling

Pricing Items​

Check the inventory for sale

Items have been sold

Instructions for Buying Items on the Flea Market

Find items for sale

e.g. Stone Of Jordan

Find Items to buy

Check prices and Fgold is available to Buy

Price of Items to Buy​

Items status after purchase

Items Status​

After Buying Item. Go into the Game and turn on Inventory (B or I) and click on the Received box to receive the Item.

Received Item

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