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Diablo 2 Paladin Build | FOH PALLY – Paladin uses the skill Fist of Heaven

And now here is another Pally Caster build that is also very good, no less than HammerPal: FOH PALLY – Paladin uses the Fist of Heaven skill.

I. Introduction

*Advantages: (Original LoD)

  • FOH is a skill that deals lightning damage and magic damage (magic damage is shown in the form of holy bolts fired at the same time as FOH and only works on undead monsters). But it is one of Pally's few caster-type skills, helping you avoid having to get close and fight monsters or melee players.
  • In addition, it also creates a small amount of damage if it is accompanied by aura Conviction - reducing both the opponent's defense and resist all regardless of immu or not => every FOH hit gets full lightning damage, happy. .


  • FOH Pally's weakness is still FOH. When you cast FOH you will be delayed for a period of time and cannot cast continuously.
  • In addition, unlike the Blessed Hammer, FOH cannot attack multiple monsters at the same time (but with the undead it is a different story).
Rework by D2TM:
  • Now FOH can cast continuously without fear of delay time.
  • FOH has a new Skill Upgrade support called Warth of Thunder.
  • Holy Bolt was changed from magic to Lightning damage. So Foth can now be stronger and more effective against Undead

II. Stat build

Str: FOH Pally is the Pally caster. Therefore, you don't need to put too many points into Str, just enough to wear clothes. Therefore, the necessary Str number will be about 80 - 100

Dex: Paladin always has the highest blocking stat of the 7 chars and also has the Holy Shield skill, so you only need enough Dex to reach 75% blocking - max blocking. The number of points you should put in here is 120 - 130

Vit: Still a sincere advice: put more points into it.

Energy: If it's just for PvP, you don't need to increase 1 point at all. If you use it for PvM, you should add about 10 - 20 more points here and it's ok

III. Skill builds


  • Sacrifice: 1 navigation point
  • Zeal: Specialized goods for fanatic pacs, but with FOH Pally it's only 1 point
  • 20 Holy Bolt: 1 of 2 resonance skills for FOH. You probably already know its uses. Max 20 points for it
  • Smite: 1 point
  • Charge: 1 point note
  • Vengeance: 1 point leads to FOH. It's been a long time
  • Blessed Hammer: 1 point leads to Holy Shield
  • Conversion: 1 point continues
  • 20 Fist of Heaven: Calling heaven's thunder and lightning to strike down on the enemy (it would be more accurate to call Thien Loi to spy on anyone who wants to attack him)))). Max 20 points
  • 20 Holy Shield: max 20 points for it. Always a necessary skill for all types of Pally


Because we don't need to use much Aura in this skill table, I'll keep it short. We just need:

  • Pray
  • Cleansing
  • Defiance
  • Vigor
  • Meditation
  • Redemption

All of the above skills only require 1 point to use. Also to add, I included Meditation because it helps you restore mana very quickly, but FOH requires a lot of mana. Besides, Redemption helps you a lot in recovering health and mana when there are monster corpses


  • Might: 1 and only 1 point
  • Holy Fire: 1 point leads to Holy Freeze
  • Holy Freeze: Just 1 point is enough to develop your power. The great thing about HF is that it freezes and slows even immu cold monsters or players wearing clothes that cannot be frozen
  • 20 Holy Shock: Second resonance skill for FOH. So what are you waiting for without maxing it out at 20?
  • Thorn: 1 navigation point. It has the same effect as Nec's Iron Maiden curse: reflects damage - very annoying for char melees who have to die from their own attacks.
  • Sanctuary: 1 point leads back to Rome , no , Conviction ))) .
  • Conviction: always aura used with Vengeance (Avenger) and FOH (FOH Pally). However, the max resist all that it subtracts is only up to 150%. That's why there's no need to max it, just 7-8 points is enough.

Order of skill improvement

  • level 1-12: 1 for Pray , Cleansing , Defiance , Might , Holy Fire , Holy Bolt , Sacrifice , Zeal , Charge and Smite . At these initial levels, you can use Zeal and Might to support each other. Save remaining points
  • lvl 13-17: all for Holy Bolt
  • lvl 18-23: 1 for Blessed Hammer , Vigor , Vengeance and Holy Freeze . Put all remaining points into Holy Bolt if possible
  • level 24-29: gives Holy Shield , Holy Shock , Sanctuary , Meditation and Conversion 1 point each.
  • level 30-40: try to max Holy Bolt and put 1 point each in FOH , Conviction , Redemption
  • level 41-82: try to max 2 skills FOH and Holy Shock . Along with maxing skills, add about 6 points to Conviction to reach max-resist all
  • level 83-99: max Holy Shield to gain "little" def

IV. Items (For Original Lod)

  • Hat : Vampire Gaze or Halerquin Crest or hat + all skills
  • Giap : Chains of Honor runewords are the best choice with 65 resist all , +2 to all skills on Archon Plate or Mage Plate armor
  • Weapons 1 : There are 3 choices for you here:
    • _Wizardspike: This Unique knife is really worth it with 75 resist all, quick mana recovery, increased Faster Cast Rate and a lot of bonus mana. In addition, it is also very easy to find.
    • _Heart of the Oak runewords: with +3 to all skill, 30-40 resist all and high Faster Cast Rate
    • _The Redeemer: with +2 to Pal skill, 4 each for Holy Bolt and Redemption skills
  • Shield 1 : You can refer to the shield section for Smiter for more information. Actually, Herald of Zakarum or Exile runewords are the best, but because they are quite hard to find, I give you another choice: Stormshield.
  • Weapons 2 : Should use Call to Arms runewords (Amn+Ral+Mal+Ist+Ohm) on Crystal Sword. It gives you Barb's Battle Order, Battle Command and Battle Cry skills. Cast BO and BC before sweeping
  • Shield 2 : Splendor runewords (Eth+Lum) or Spirit runewords (Tal+Thul+Ort+Amn). I put them here because these 2 RWs have + to all skills, making Battle Order and Battle Command stronger when cast.
  • Belt : Arachnid Mesh, both + all skills and has high Faster Cast Rate
  • Glove : Magefist . Mana recovery, high FCH and very easy to find
  • Shoe : War Traveler or Sandstorm Trek . Both increase % faster run/walk , + add to all attributes
  • Ring : 2 Stone of Jordan or 1 Stone of Jordan and 1 Raven's Frost . One side is + to all skill , the other side is cannot be frozen , :–
  • Necklace : Mara's Kaleidoscope . Well, with +2 to all skills, high resist all, + many attributes, it's really worth it. But that's why it's quite hard to find, so you can replace = 1 amulet + some skill or + resist all.

V. Items for D2TM

Once you have reached the original LoD items, you will understand the rules of the game as well as what the character you are using needs, then it will be up to you personally to choose the items that bring as much power as possible to your character. his character. Below are Items compatible with Character FOH:

Item Reference Link: Link

Search Items Tip: Use your browser's search feature to find the Items you need as quickly as possible (Shortcut key Ctrl + F)

  • Hat: Griffon Eye Upgrade Top choice for FOH Paladin
  • Shirt: Prioritize upgraded shirts with high skills or – res or + Element dmg light.
  • Weapons: Iron Ward. Top choice for Paladin
  • Shield: Scared Rondache. Top choice for Paladin.
  • Ring: It could be Constricting or Sadness
  • Necklace: Maybe Viper Eye or Vaxo
  • Hand: Prioritize upgrading with high skills or – res or + Element dmg light.
  • Back: Prioritize upgrading with high skills or – res or + Element dmg light.
  • Shoe: Prioritize upgrading with high skills or – res or + Element dmg light.

This article is for reference only for newbies...

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