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Let me introduce a fairly common build type, which is Cold Druid, Druid mainly uses Ice skills. The main skills we will use are Tornado and Hurricane.


– With two skills, Tornado and Hurricane-Cold Damage, this type of Druid is not afraid of close-range monsters. There is also Cyclone Amor which provides additional support for Resist.

– That same annoying Immune makes us very tired when we go to Hell. However, when you encounter immune to fire situations, let our Hirelings handle them.


  • STRENGTH: Just enough to wear clothes (specifically, to wear Enigma). Around 70.
  • DEXTERITY: Don't waste a single point here, we are casters, not Melee chars, no need to block.
  • VITALITY: The more the better, Max points or more, that's enough to withstand Hell.
  • ENERGY: If you put any 1 point in here, "it's a waste". Say no to Energy.


Skills table:

– We will put most of the skill points here, we will use exactly 105 skill points here.
– You give 1 point to skills that only have a guiding effect:

– Arylic Blast: 1 point leads the way to the Druid's "meteorological" career
– Cyclone Amor: max 20 points for it. In addition to increasing resistance (does not affect Poison or Magic Damage), it also absorbs a decent amount of damage for you.
– Twister: max 20 points. This is only a secondary skill because the damage is weak, it can only stun the opponent.
– Tornado: this will be your main skill, max 20 points.
– Hurricane: also max 20 points.
As for the reason why the above 4 skills are maxed, it is easy to understand. They resonate with each other and without them, it is not Druid Windy.

– Oak Sage: this one is quite important, you can max it, but if you feel sorry for the skill points, put about 5-10 points there.
– Carrion Vine: 1 point for it to heal us.
– Grizzly: You should give this one Max the remaining points, its effect is to kill and attract monsters. Throw it in the middle of the monsters so they can swarm while you stand outside and cast Tornado in "they will be blown to pieces".
As for the order of raising skills, it's up to you. Raise them appropriately to train them and not fall into the "half-way" situation.

Forget it, we don't have any points left here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IV. Necessary notes with Druids WINdy:

  • Druid Windy is a pure-bred Cold Element (Ice Element).
  • Druid Windy is a Caster (Attack with Skills).
  • Main Source of Damage: Tornado and Huricane.
  • Suitable Mercenary (disciple): Act 1 – Fire or Cold (Rent from NPC Kashya) – Quest 2 Act 1. Equip main weapon: Bloodraven's Charge Upgrade (Aura Conviction helps - Resistant of monsters, also known as elemental resistance)
  • The FCR index needed to achieve is 163 (Speed Ra Skills).
  • Skills Teleport (Runeword Enigma or Jewel Teleport): Mages are required to have Teleport.

Attack index to consider:

  • All Skills
  • Druid Skills
  • FCR
  • + % Cold Element Skill
  • – Cold Resistant

Defense indicators to consider:

  • All Resistant
  • Max Resistance
  • 50% Dame Reduce
  • 75% Magic Reduce
  • % HP and HP
  • A little more Mana is fine
Instructions for finding items quickly:
For Upgrade Items based on the link provided above, you can use the combination Ctrl + F to quickly search for the item you need. For Runeword, you should search on Google quickly. (Example: Enigma Runeword diablo 2).

Regarding Items, I will divide it into 2 types of Build: 1 is the first stage to play LoD. 2 is the Upgrade Item phase.

Here is the LoD stage: Complete starting set of items.

  • Armor: “Enigma” runeword with Teleport.
  • Weapon 1: Still runeword “Heart of the oak” Ko + Vex + Pul +Thul on the Flail tree, it will give us +3 to all skills, +40% cast rate, +75% Damage To Demons, +100 To Attack Rating Against Demons,... Very suitable with every caster!!!!!!!!;;>
  • Weapon 2: “Call to arms” runeword Amn + Ral + Mal + Ist + Ohm helps increase health for us and you, very necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Shields 1 and 2: “Spirit” runeword Tal + Thul+ Ort + Amn on Mornach shield, +2 to all skills, +25-35% Faster Cast Rate,… great.
  • Hat: Rare Circle + 2 Druid Skills and 20 FCR – Or Shako Unique.
  • Belt: Arachnid Mesh with +1 to all skills.
  • Gauntlets: Magefist Gauntlet, +fire damage and Faster cast rate.
  • Boots: Sandstorm Trek, a perfect choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Amulet and Ring: use 2 stone of jordan and Mara's Kaleidoscope plus give me a little skill.
  • Charm – Talisman: Hellfire Tourch Large Charm and Anihilus Small Charm are two things that must be had at all costs.

We start with the Upgrade phase first:

  • Armor: "Enigma” Runeword with Teleport or “Diablo Soul Upgrade” Socket Jewel Teleport.
  • Weapon 1: “Nord's Tenderizer Upgrade” is suitable for Caster Fire. Or choose better Item.
  • Weapon 2: “Call to arms” Runeword Amn + Ral + Mal + Ist + Ohm with Skills Battle Orders Helps increase blood for us and you, very necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Shield 1: “Thundershield Upgrade” Or choose a better Item.
  • Shield 2: “Spirit” runeword Tal + Thul + Ort + Amn on Mornach's shield.
  • Hat: "Spiritkeeper Upgrade” Helmets reserved for Druids.
  • Belt: “Snowclash Upgrade” Or choose a better Item.
  • Glove: "Lavagrout Upgrade” Or choose a better Item.
  • Boots: “Zeus Upgrade" or "Marrowwalk Upgrade“: to make my Summon stronger.
  • Amulet: “Viper Eye Upgrade” Or choose a better item.
  • Ring: “Constricting Upgrade" or "Sadness Upgrade
  • Charm – Talisman: Hellfire Tourch Large Charm, Anihilus Small Charm and 1+Elemental Skills Grand Charm can fill the chest (Reward Charm Map will drop in Mod Maps - Require you to hunt Boss to own it).

BECAUSE. Reference Video:

This article is for reference only for newbies...

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