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Choice Sorceress To start the path to conquering Diablo 2 game is also not a bad choice.
Although it is a bit difficult because the rice is quite thin and weak
But in return sorceress There are many strengths that other characters at the beginning can hardly match:
  • Sorceress Having the Teleport skill moves very quickly, extremely convenient in running the farm to get items in the beginning (Of course, only farm on regular maps because Teleport is banned in new maps).
  • Special in D2VN server Sorceress Building with Cold or Fire will give you x2 damage (read more in the changelog to find out)
When you get used to playing and using reasonable combos and teleports, keeping your position to survive while farming is not too difficult.
  • Regarding Hire, follow Sorce of course, like other cast-based characters (Except Nec Bone and Pal Hammer), the most effective hire should be chosen as a guy. MERCENARIES – Def – act system 2 Nightmare modes (with Holy Freeze aura to help slow down monsters so you can breathe easier)
  • And here are some delicious, nutritious, and cheap runeword suggestions for your Sorcer and Merc
  • Of course, you still have to remember that Runeword only works on white and gray text blanks; Magic items (blue letters), rare (yellow letters), unique (brown letters), set (green letters) cannot make runewords.

Intended for Sorcer

Hat: runeword LORE
  • Workpiece: 2 sock hat, install runes in order Ort -> Sol
  • runeword STEALTH – Embryo: 2 sock shirt, install runes in order Tal -> Eth.
  • runeword ENLIGHTENMENT – Embryo: 3-sock shirt, install runes in order Pul -> Ral -> Sol.
  • runeword SPIRIT – Embryo: 1-hand 4-sock sword (recommended to choose Crytal Sword), install runes in the order Tal -> Thul -> Ort -> Amn.
  • runeword SPLENDOR – Embryo: 2-sock shield, install runes in order Eth -> Lum.
  • runeword SPIRIT – Embryo: 4-sock shield (specifically the Monarch shield to have 4 sockets), install runes in the order Tal -> Thul -> Ort -> Amn.
For Merc:
  • Weapon: runeword INSIGHT – Embryo: 4-sock Polearms weapon (ETH is better), install runes in order Ral -> Tir -> Tal -> Sol
  • Shirt: runeword TREACHERY – Embryo: 3 sock shirt (ETH is better), install runes in the order Shael -> Thul -> Lem.
Then with that amount of equipment, it's enough for you to comfortably fly and run the farm. Of course, this is just the initial farm. Don't bring it into Cow 2 or anything Salvation.
No wonder why you guys hit me so hard
Hope you guys have fun playing Sorceress and farm a lot of items

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