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The event is a spiritual warm-up!!! Let you prepare the Event later. And the gift given this time is a spiritual encouragement gift. The upcoming Event will encourage brothers to compete with each other more. I was planning to give out 1 but there were 2 remaining competitive Build Ass songs with gifts so I decided to add them!! Next time, let's compete more strongly with each other.

1. Nguyen Gau

Account: Huyenmy218

Character: MySoi

2. Tien Pham

Account: Tienpham1107

Character: danchoiNB

3. Tran Minh Hoa

Account: NTEC

Character: MinhTriDaiGia

4. Nguyen Ngoc

Account: havy9

Character: NGiahung

5. Pham Phuong Duy

Account: ddd9

Character: Velajuel

6. Le The Anh

Account: khuanh150594

Character: Javvip

7. Tu Tran

Account: Tuvoi4

Character: Xoai

8. Game Relax

Account: anzuvia04

Character: barbuffbb

Gifts have been distributed at the market, everyone go to the market to pick them up!! Thank you for participating in the Event

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