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Instructions for making Diablo clone (Uber Diablo) "Quest to get Anihilus Small Charm"

  1. With SoJ in you, go to Akara Act I and sell it. (Hell mode)
  2. You will see the earth shake and a message appears (If you sell SOJ without a Diablo Clone, you are screwed, 30% will appear Diablo Clone)
  3. Next, run to the first location where the Super Unique Monster is waiting for you. Ting teng, DC will welcome you solemnly. That is the owner of Chaos Sanstuary – Act IV. In addition to familiar skills such as Red Lightning Hose, Charge, Cold Touch, etc. Diablo Clone can also use Armagedon and heal extremely quickly. Reward: After Diablo Clone lies down at your feet (or you lie down, I don't know) You will pick up an extremely valuable Small Charm in the game.

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