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Item Implicit

Version available: 8.2.7

Map drop – Salvation

Item will have Owner tag upon Implicit


Now in addition to the farmable runewords, you can also roll IMPLICIT Item with better stats (opt table below).

  • The number of Option rolls will be up to 1-3 additional Option
  • Using Chaos to Roll IMPLICIT


Drop  Example
Salvation Box ( Boss Salvation)

– Drop rate 20%

Baal Box ( Boss Baal Hell )

– Drop rate 10%

applicable item

Only available for ELITE mold below:

Quilted Armor qui Ghost Armor xui Dusk Shroud uui
Leather Armor lea Serpentskin xea Wyrmhide uea
Hard Leather hla Demonhide Armor xla Scarab Husk ula
Studded Leather stu Trellised Armor xtu Wire Fleece utu
Ring Mail rng Linked Mail xng Diamond Mail ung
Scale Mail scl Tigulated Mail xcl Loricated Mail ucl
Chain Mail chn Mesh Armor xhn Boneweave uhn
Breast Plate brs Cuirass xrs Great Hauberk urs
Splint Mail spl Russet Armor xpl Balrog Skin upl
Plate Mail plt Templar Coat xlt Hellforge Plate ult
Field Plate fld Sharktooth xld Kraken Shell uld
Gothic Plate gth Embossed Plate xth Lacquered Plate uth
Full Plate Mail ful Chaos Armor xul Shadow Plate uul
Ancient Armor aar Ornate Armor xar Sacred Armor uar
Light Plate ltp Mage Plate xtp Archon Plate utp


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